Do you want to know if EFT Tapping works on getting you unstuck and creating Abundance in your life?
I’ll share my story from today:
I was on a walk up in Marblehead Neck where I’ve been going for over 30 years. I decided to listen to the great Carol Look to tap on some abundance issues.
So I tapped along with my headset on and waved to passersby–maybe looking a little silly but I didn’t care.
Carol ended the session with this advice for increasing Aubundance:
Reduce resistance
And raise your Vibration
Her suggestions for reducing resistance–you guessed it: Tapping.
Her suggestions for raising your vibration–walk in nature, talk to a good friend, sing a song, laugh and smile.
So since I just finished a round of tapping, I asked myself: How can I raise my vibration/frequency?
Well, I was just coming upon this lovely cottage garden that I always look forward to on the loop.
To my delight, the owner came out and gave me a tour. Actually the bigger, more beautiful garden was in the back.
I told her how I use to have a big garden like hers. But hers was magnificent!
I also told her what I do. And she asked me for my contact info so she could get a gift certificate for some organizing for her daughter. Wow. Now that’s Abundance in action.
If anyone wants to work with me on;
Reducing your resistance and Raising your Vibration to create more abundance, more wealth, more good health, please contact me so we can do some Tapping!
And Thank you Miss Gitta!