Did you eat something that didn’t sit right with you? Do you overindulge in cocktails last night? Are you trying to detox heavy metals overload?

Nature has provided a magnificent detoxing in bentonite clay. Clay is great at grabbing on to toxins in the human body, via a negative charge and wide surface.

Choose a quality brand, like Great Plains by Yerba Prima or Sonne’s #7 Detoxificant. Try to get the bentonite clay in a glass bottle. When adding the clay to a glass of water, stir with a wooden or bamboo spoon, not a metal one as it diminishes the clay’s charge. Drink down with plenty of water and increase water intake throughout the day so as to not get constipated.

I have used bentonite clay over the years, but recently heard a talk show on the radio program, Expanding Our Awareness, that featured healer and biochemist, Byron Jordan. You can find out more info about clay and other natural healing on his website, Earth-Medicine.