Good Sleep Habits

Know how important sleep is. Basically, sleep rebuilds you–an anabolic state vs. being awake which is a catabolic (break-down) state. Get more sunlight during the day. Get more light during the day, less light at night, and you’re on your way to having a better night’s sleep. Avoid screens, 1 hour before bed. Computers, iPads, televisions, smartphones, etc are emitting sleep-disturbing blue light that can disrupt your sleep. Use a blue light blocker on devices. There is free computer application…

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Some Issues to Take Care of with Your Hypothyroidism

According to Stop The Thyroid Madness website, the key to treating your hypothyroidsim or Hashimoto’s is do simultaneously look at the 6 key elements to correct to feel better again. You can check out the article here But here is the list to start a discussion with your doctor. Thyroid hormones Adrenals Iron Levels B12 Vit. D Better Absorption in the gut

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Paleo Misconceptions

by Elle Russ “Paleo” is a popular buzzword that many people have misconceptions about. Misconceptions like “Paleo means just eat more meat and eliminate carbs,” or “Paleo is just a higher carb version of the Atkins Diet,” to “Paleo means gluten-free and eating whole foods.” All of the above are misguided and uninformed misconceptions. Let me clear them up. For starters, the terms paleo, primal, ancestral health, evolutionary health, caveman diet, and hunter-gatherer diet are all synonymous. Anyone can internet…

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How Healing Works

I love this quote byWayne Jonas: “Healing emerges when we support and strengthen the connections within us—body, behavior, social and spirit—making us more whole.” To read more about Dr. Jonas’ discussion on how healing works , visit Natural Awakenings.  

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Having a treat on the Paleo/Primal Diet (making lemon jello)

A lot of times I hear that the Paleo/Primal Diet is boring and offers no treats. Well I have created a recipe for homemade lemon jello to prove that wrong. It is great on a hot day. See the video on instructions. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5fgG1acYNUk But here is the recipe: Lemon Jello 4 packages Knox gelatin 1 16-oz bottle of Santa Cruz fresh lemon juice, chilled 2 cups of boiling water 1 teaspoon of stevia (like Sweet leaf) In a glass bowl, sprinkle…

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